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Enhance Your Sample Prep Research

Improve your protein sample prep workflow using reagents from Promega. Our products offer fast and convenient digestions, improved sequence coverage and enhanced data from minimal sample material.

Use of ProteaseMAX™ for Cell Lysis Prior to Mass Spectrometry

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Unique Applications of Alternative Proteases

Featured Products

Trypsin/Lys-C Mix, Mass Spec Grade

Trypsin/Lys-C Mix, Mass Spec Grade, is a mixture of Trypsin Gold, Mass Spectrometry Grade, and rLys-C, Mass Spec Grade. The mix is designed to improve digestion of proteins or protein mixtures in solution.

Recommended for use in standard in-solution protein digestion and in-solution digestion of proteolytically resistant proteins.

ProteaseMAX™ Surfactant, Trypsin Enhancer

Fast, high-quality protein digestion when used in combination with trypsin. Streamlined in-gel digestion protocol.

Trypsin Gold, Mass Spectrometry Grade

Manufactured for maximum specificity. Lysine residues in porcine trypsin have been modified by reductive methylation, yielding a highly active, stable molecule that is extremely resistant to autolytic digestion. Specificity is further improved by TPCK treatment. Each lot is qualified for in-gel digestion and mass spectrometric analysis.

rLys-C, Mass Spec Grade

A recombinant Lys-C expressed in E. coli and similar to native Lys-C, rLys-C cleaves at the carboxyl side of lysine residues with exceptional specificity. rLys-C retains proteolytic activity under protein denaturing conditions such as 8M urea, which is used to improve digestion of proteolytically resistant proteins. rLys-C activity is optimal in the pH range of 8–9.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr Using Endoproteinases Asp-N and Glu-C to Improve Protein Characterization

An article describing the cleavage specificity of endoproteinases Asp-N and Glu-C, and showing an example of improved protein sequence coverage through the use of alternative digestion with these enzymes.

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