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Fluorescent nucleic acid quantitation
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See if you can get Jumping Gene through his workflow...can you get him through purification, protection, quantitation and through amplification? Miss the munchers, collect the nucleic acid and get boosted with Promega boxes...easy?

Top of the leader board on April 30th wins the iPad Air!

You can also win lots of prizes ..including an iPad Air, mini iPads, Roberts Radios, Amazon, iTunes and Costa gift cards and chocolate with our instant win scratch cards found in RNA workflow that's ReliaPrep™ RNA purification kits for cells, tissue, FFPE, RNasin®, Quantifluor® RNA System, Diamond Dye™, and GoScript™ RT and Systems.




Quantum leap in sensitivity and accuracy!
Take a quantum sensitivity and accuracy!

Accurate quantitation of nucleic acid concentration is critical for many applications. Fluorescence-based nucleic acid quantitation is more sensitive than absorbance-based methods enabling low levels of nucleic acids to be quantified more accurately.

QuantiFluor® Dye Systems are fast, easy-to-use, highly sensitive dyes to quantitate even very low amounts of dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA and are compatible with most instrumentation especially the Quantus™ Fluorometer and GloMax® instruments.

Using the Quantus Fluorometer with QuantiFluor Dyes provides sensitivities up to 40,000x higher than absorbance based quantitation using NanoDrop®!

..and here is a fantastic offer...until April 30th the NEW Quantus™ Fluorometer is only £999 (just quote Quantus999 with your order) and all of the QuantiFluor® Dyes are 2 for the price of 1! (quote QF2 with your order).

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GoTaq gecko ready to go!
Seeking long term companion....

From 30thJune 2014, the current GoTaq® range will be discontinued and replaced by our next generation GoTaq® G2 Polymerase.

With GoTaq G2 Polymerase you'll continue to experience the same performance, availability and PCR guarantee.GoTaq® G2 is the next generation of GoTaq®, it comes in a variety of formats designed to give you maximum flexibility, control and convenience,suitable for all of your amplification needs.

And for a bit of fun, when you order GoTaq G2 you can start collecting cuddly geckos...get either Gunther, Pablo, Seraphina or Pablo (or all of them), take them on an adventure, upload a photo and the funniest pics, or most well travelled geckos win iPad minis, Roberts radios..chocolate and an iPad Air for the best photo!


Vote for your favourite photos of GoTaq geckos here Korea , in the Maldives, in Tanzania, India, Belgium, Scotland, Bristol.. 


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