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MethylEdge™ Bisulfite Conversion System 11358TA

MethylEdge™ Bisulfite Conversion System

Realize the full potential of your samples with the most effective bisulfite conversion system available. The MethylEdge™ System  is a robust system for rapid bisulfite conversion with minimal DNA fragmentation.

Epigenetics Categories

Cell-Based and Biochemical Assays Simple luminescence-based assays for cell viability, histone deacetylase (HDAC) and sirtuin (SIRT) activities, deubiquitinating (DUB), deSUMOylating (SENP) and deneddylating (NEDP) proteases.

DNA Methylation Analysis Kits for use in epigenetic studies evaluating DNA methylation and gene expression. Includes DNA purification, methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes, PCR kits, reporter assays and transfection reagents.

Protein Analysis and Complex Purification Purify epigenetic proteins and epigenetic complexes, identify protein:protein or protein:DNA interactions, and study histone marks rapidly and efficiently.

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