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Promega is a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists in academic, industrial and government settings. Founded in 1978, what started with the production of enzymes for researchers has evolved into over 2,500 products for a broad array of applications including basic research, drug discovery, forensics and paternity testing, and hospital and clinic-based diagnostics.

  • Spring treats! Lovely things for you to win!
  • Firstly – have you played our Jumping Gene game? One week to go! Miss the munchers, collect the nucleic acid and get boosted with Promega boxes...easy?  Top of the leader board on 30th April wins an iPad Air!

    Grab one of our instant win scratch cards - prizes include an iPad Air, Roberts Radios, Amazon vouchers and chocolate (well of course!)...You'll find a scratch card inside all of our RNA Workflow products… so that's ReliaPrep™ RNA purification kits for cells, tissue, FFPE, RNasin®, QuantifFluor® RNA System, Diamond Dye™, and GoScript™ RT.

    Finally to all our GoTaq® users...have you got yourself a GoTaq gecko yet?! Collect barcodes from GoTaq G2 products (please note these will replace original GoTaq in June), send them in and we’ll post you a GoTaq Gecko right back! Then take part in our photo competition – take your gecko on an adventure, send us in the picture and you could win an iPad Air…! 

  • GoTaq discontinuation!
  • From 30th June 2014, the original GoTaq products will be discontinued and will be replaced by GoTaq® G2 products.

    Why are we replacing original GoTaq with GoTaq G2?

    We continuously aim to improve our manufacturing processes to deliver better products to you, and as such, GoTaq® G2 is manufactured as a recombinant enzyme. This means there is less lot- to-lot variability increasing reliability and consistency but without increasing the price.

    GoTaq G2 provides the same high performance, amplifying a wide range of (large and small) template fragments plus you will continue to be backed by our PCR guarantee**.

    You may also want to consider switching to GoTaq® G2 Hot Start because a hot-start may substantially improve your standard PCR with difficult targets plus delivers the convenience of room temperature set-up. 

  • It's ...British Summer Time....
  • Please note that on Friday afternoons the Promega Office will close at 4:00pm during Spring and Summer.

    Monday to Thursday, office closing will not change,  still at 5:30pm.

    We open every day at 8:30am and look forward to hearing from you!

  • Discover Glo 2014 - "interesting and fantastic"!
  • If you didn't make it to one of our events, the talks are now available to download. Look out for

    Dr Frank Fan's
    Bioluminescent Cellular Reporter Technologies Featuring NanoLuc® Luciferase
    and Cell Health and Mechanistic Toxicity Assays.

    if you want to know what's coming next in cellular analysis!

  • Webinar: Customised and/or automated solutions to overcome challenges in your lab.
  • Tuesday 13th May 2014

    Having issues with an automated DNA/RNA purification platform or trouble purifying amplifiable DNA/RNA from tough samples? If so, it’s highly likely Promega can develop a custom, automated chemistry solution for you. This webinar will describe how our Field Support Scientist team works with you directly in your lab to develop the solution you need. 

    Promega webinars: Learn basic concepts, tips and techniques to help your research. Understand how products were designed and how to implement in your lab. Presentations are given by Promega scientists with the opportunity to interact with the speakers directly during live events via chat.

  • Visit PubHub - online resources about new technologies and products!
  • Latest articles in PubHub:

    Measuring intracellular protein lifetime dynamics using NanoLuc® Luciferase


    Single-neuron gene expression analysis using the Maxwell® 16 LEV System in the neural systems and behavior course

    Lots of technical articles and resources available to you in our Articles and Publications section such as:

    Cell-free expression application: Screening for successful oligo-mediated knockdown design

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